Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Last Day for Huge Internet Marketing Contest

Today is the last day for you, and me, to enter this massive contest and whoa.... someone just ponied up a new Hummer H2. Man I hope I win that! Actually, for all then entries and reading I have done for this contest, I just hope to win something.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Crazy Winning and Prizes

Wow, that sounded like spam. Fair enough, but this contest is for real. Going on now at Winning the Web is a mega contest with all kinds of prizes lists at over 7k. Enter, win, enjoy!



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Monday, September 03, 2007


After six months of initial discussions, planning and talking to as many smart people as we could....Jewneric has finally launched.

What's Jewneric? Good question. We aim to be a place to find the Modern Jewish Voice. Our writers are passionate, smart and have great ideas. They will be writing about many topics including, politics, travel, technology, kosher restaurants, relationships, art, music and many more.

Although we are only in our 1.0 (Beta) phase right now we are really building our content. The site will undergo some cosmetic changes as time goes on, but you should always expect great things to read.

We are gathering together a group of writers who are passionate about their, writers who are experts in their fields and writers who are Jewish. Perhaps we are looking for you?

Nudge us anytime - nudge@jewneric.com. We have super easy requirements to write for us (you must have good ideas, try to post something...anything at least once a week and the theme must somehow be Jewish).

Come check us out - Jewneric.com

Thanks for reading!


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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Students volunteer for 100,000 hrs. New pledges already at 28,000 hrs!

---Note to Readers of You Got Daved: This is an Experiment---
(both for volunteering and for the possibility of getting on Digg's main page. I will keep these posts to a bare minimum if ever again, but I want to see how fast a genuinely good deed driven website can be virally promoted. Got an idea of how to explode this? Let me know, posts a comment. Thanks!)

Volunteer to repair the world by pledging an hour or 20.
The world needs our help. Students have taken the lead in volunteering. Will you stand with them? Help us start a trend! Let us know what you're already doing, or pledge to volunteer some time.

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Monday, October 09, 2006



This picture is real and was taken at the Michelin plant in South Carolina.

These airless tires will be on sale very soon .

The bad news for police is that their spike strips won't work on these tires.

This new technology is a real breakthrough and will change the way we think about cars:

No more air valves, air compressors at gas stations or tire repair kits

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Friday, September 29, 2006

What's your College Nickname?

Are you "Maestro" or "Springs"? Hillel's new site has all kinds of interactive features.

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Borat Comes to Washington

Borat, also known as actor Sacha Baron Cohen of "Da Ali G Show," spoke to the press about his upcoming movie "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" during a visit to Washington, D.C. Thursday. (Everything he says is a joke.)

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Hubble Discovers Dark Cloud in the Atmosphere of Uranus

Just as we near the end of the hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean, winds whirl and clouds churn 2 billion miles away in the atmosphere of Uranus, forming a dark vortex large enough to engulf two-thirds of the United States.

In all seriousness, when I saw this title on Digg.com, I laughed so hard my PB&J sandwich escaped me a little.

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Virginia Tech Pen

Wow. I mean wooooooooaaaaahhhh!!!

I just listened to a solid minute of solid marching band amazingness, I should say, super-duper soundtastic amazingness. AND these magnificent tunes came courtesy of a PEN. A click-pen none-the-less.

Thanks Virginia Tech and your local affiliated Hillel for sending my office mates so coolio stuff. Wanna send me some too????

--> We welcome new reader AH. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

EUJS and YU Websites Attacked this Afternoon!

Anti-Israel hackers disabled these two major websites and redirected traffic to their own locations.

EUJS was replaced with the following message: "!!! Own3d by Team-Evil Arab Hackerz!!!, Israel Go to Hell" and an image depicting an Israeli flag being burned. This was also accompanied by a song "Allah Ouhakbar". Due to this attack, our server is down and we are unable to broadcast these images to you.

YU.edu was replaced with this (url contains profanity but actual site is clean)

Please be on the lookout for more web attacks and be vigilant in their protection

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Friday, May 12, 2006

New Web 2.0 Sites That I like

Hi! I missed you. Did you miss me? Well, I guess it doesn't really matter anyway. I've been spending too much time exploring again.....works for me. Here is a listing of a few GREAT sites. Test them out, give them a whirl:

CollectiveX is a new professional and social networking site ala LinkIn. The difference is the ability to create multiple groups to join you connections in.

CollectiveX is social networking the way it should have been done in the first place... Michael Arrington, TechCrunch

Which brings me to the next site, TechCrunch, which discusses the latest in web 2.0. It publishes often and lists great sites and programs to try out.

Google Calender is finally up and running. What a great utility. It works wonderfully with Gmail, it can be synchronized with your palm (via airset) and darn it if it's not easy to use.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

For three years, Dead Air radio has been a permanent fix on my listening plate. Broadcast live onlive every Tuesday night from 12-1 am on WYUR.org.

Zee and his crew have finally branched out into the mainstream, leaving their college days behind them.

You can subscribe to their weekly podcast which can be previewed by joining the mailing list.

Since going online December 1, 2005, they have had oer 4000 page hits, and 1500 subscribers to the podcast. Pretty good for zero advertising. Word of mouth through Facebook, comments on Digg and other guerilla social networking sites have propelled this team quickly. Don't let this hilarous show run away.

Interested in hosting the Facebook group at your school? Send Dead Air an email and they will hook you up! (contact@deadair.tv)

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Gap Redone

Walking aorund Manhattan for the past few months, one can't help but notice all the Gap billboard ads. Many of them have been brandashing the line "look out for the al new Gap." While I have yet to see the new Gap, and never really cared before, this creative ad by Spike Jonze had me laughing.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005


LinkedIn is a business and social networking website. It's as simple as creating an account and entering your profile. Once you’re done, import your email contacts to connect to thousand of other users. LinkedIn will search for current LinkedIn members on your contact list. If you use Gmail like me, it’ll import everyone you’ve ever corresponded with, just follow the easy instructions they provide. This is more powerful than you may at first realize. That college buddy you used to hang out with while watching sports years ago may now be a multimillionaire. That person is now your contact, and all his LinkedIn contacts are now your contacts. Its not what you know its who you know.

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Friday, November 18, 2005


No I didn't spell that wrong. Suprglu is the newest way to blog, or as I now call it "autoblogging" or the "lazy man's blog". All you need to do is enter your username for the sites which you might already be browsing, such as digg.com or flickr.com, and at the end of everyday Suprglu logs it. Check out my Supr Hip Suprglu site:

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


One of my favourite tv shows is Futurama, always funny, always wierd.

This video is a spoof on Apple's 1984 ad.

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Post CES

How I got invited to the CES New York press preview is simple: I registered. The ratio of real journalists to random folks like me: about 75:1. None-the-less, I had a great time. The afternoon begun with a trends analysis and then the room opened up to preview all the latest gadgets.

I was welcomed to a trends analysis review by a Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) analyst, Sean Wargo, whose predictions have our holiday market looking good. The sum up was as follows:
Healthy Industry; Dreary Consumer
CEA surveyed 100 random American households to find their results. Some of the most interesting statistics shows a higher spending trend. When asked if they would spend more or less on gifts this year, 37% said they would spend less, but their actual dollar amount of how much they plan on spending was 14% higher ($1430 up form $1250 last year). This interesting stat comes from the fact that the items being purchased are more expensive per unit, as opposed to previous years. We now see a shift to items like the ipod and LCD TV rather than a discman or tube TV. Those two items alone account for the upturn and if predictions stay true, will show a $17 billion holiday spending season.

Some of this year's most exciting gadgets are the mFuel emergency charger, the eMagin OLED 3d goggles, and Kodak's Easyshare One (4mp wifi camera). I will have pictures and reviews up soon.

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Wandering Jew

Join me, your friends, your buddies, your aquaintances and all others in this innovative project:
Add yourself to this map system allowing us to see just how far we have spread.


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I finnaly recieved my press invitation to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES); New York press preview. On Tuesday, November 15, I will be engulfed in gadget utopia (not to be confused with real utopias). This event showcases the latest gizmos from around the world, and there might even be some giveaways. I can't wait. I might need to invest in a better camera.

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